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Immigration Strategies for U.S. employers and their employees

Visa Category:

  • B-1: Business Visitor
  • E-2: Treaty Investors
  • E-3: Temporary workers from Australia in specialty occupations
  • H-1B: Foreign nationals in specialty occupations or fashion models of distinguished merit; certain Department of Defense employees
  • H-4 immediate family members of foreign nationals on an H-1B, H-2, or H-3
  • H-2A: Temporary (i.e. seasonal) agricultural workers
  • H-2B: Temporary (i.e. seasonal) workers for non-agricultural positions
  • H-3: Temporary trainees
  • L-1: Intracompany transferees who work for a U.S. subsidiary, branch or affiliate of a foreign company in a position that is managerial, executive, or who have specialized knowledge, and who are coming to the U.S. entity to fill one of those positions.
  • L-2: Immediate family of foreign nationals on an L-1
  • TN: Canadian and Mexican “professionals” pursuant to NAFTA
  • TD: immediate family members of foreign nationals on TN