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Family Based Green Cards 

 U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents can bring certain family members to the United States. There are different paths that can be taken to bring your love on the United States. We can help you choose the best path for your family. 

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Naturalization & Citizenship 

An individual may become a citizen though their birth to U.S. Citizen parents, during their childhood by their parents becoming U.S. Citizens, or through filing for Naturalization. If you think you are U.S. Citizen based on your parents, or you want to apply to become a U.S. Citizen please contact us. 

Employment Visas &Options 

We understand how important it is that your business be staffed by the best and brightest people, regardless of where they are from. We can help make sure that all of your international employees have the proper authorization. 


Removal & Deportation 

If you or a love one is placed in removal proceedings, it may seem that you have nowhere to turn. Our attorneys  can assist you and your family with determining your best options and with navigating the process. 

Asylum & Victim Cases

The U.S. immigration laws provide options for those that have suffered from many different types of traumatic events. Navigating those options can be ac complex process. Our attorneys have years of experience working with victims to determine their best immigration options. 

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