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Clarification About Scope of Injunction Against Visa Ban

On October 1, 2020, a Federal District Judge Jeffrey S. White issued an injunction against the recent ban that prevents US consulates from processing H, J and L temporary visa applications. Judge White ruled, among other reasons, that the stated grounds for the ban were meritless, and in fact, the ban was totally unsupported by the data available when it was issued. Specifically, the court found that the low skill workers that the ban sought to protect were not impacted at all by the admission of highly educated workers who enter on the H, J and L visas that the ban targeted. The court’s injunction protects all members of the associations who brought the suit: National Association of Manufacturers, the US Chamber of Commerce, National Retail Federation, Technet, and Intrax, Inc.

If you or your employer have such a visa application pending, or plan to file one and want to discuss how to take advantage of this injunction, please contact Chapman Law Firm at 336-334-0034.

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